The idea is to execute a plan for systemic change as publicly as possible. Initially this means building software.

  • Shift Scheduling: The goal is to facilitate interactions between companies. This is a system for scheduling work shifts. Initially it will likely be tested by the One Ace Café. Eventually it will need to be for payment.
  • Housing: This will map out a location and put prices on using everything. After the scheduling software is up to snuff, I'd like to start a hostel in an urban area. The businesses are run by a computer program at-cost.
  • Working Tour: After the shifts and the housing are working, open a chain of them, where and how many would depend on the popularity of the idea. Eventually people should be able to take a year and go around the world with no up front costs.
  • Restaurant Management: Add restaurants to the businesses adding their structure to the digital model of the economy. From their expand through the food supply chain until you can tell where all the food is.
  • Liquid Vote: Citizens are able to vote with digital identities. Voter identification is performed by the existing system and online credentials are verified through certified postal mail.
  • Experience Recommender: A system that looks at past behaviors, experiences and responses and recommends new events, groups, and substances.
  • Persistent Storage: A P2P public storage mechanism that maintains an archive of all data ever and tries not to lose any of it.

There are a couple of possible vignettes I'm interested in trying to develop: