An Open Market is based on a group of companies using multi-master data stores to manage their operational data. Those companies then publish all of that data except what is needed to protect consumer privacy.

Those structures can be aggregated by interested parties. The resulting database gives a full picture of that economy:

  • What products are available
  • What they cost to produce
  • What labor is needed

Software is able to make recommendations for the inter-operations of different companies. Individual management is maintained though.

The project that I would like to start with is a working tour . Users sign up for trips with software organizing shifts and housing to .

From there would be the software to run a restaurant. That could then expand to making suppliers transparent, and eventually convert the food supply chain.

AIs could then monitor the location and availability of all the food and try to recommend operational decisions that reduce hunger.

As time and technology progress, the system could transition to one where people's primary participation is to specify what they want and enjoy, and computers work our the management of the supply chain.