Lustrum is a collaborative series set five years in the future. Everything that happens in our world happens there. There are three major systemic changes in progress:

  • Open Market: A significant portion of businesses are making their operations public and the results being aggregated and analyzed is creating new efficiencies. Some plots of the show will follow a cadre of workers as they travel the globe.
  • Liquid Democracy: Users have digital identities verified by secret code sent to their registered voting address. They are able to specify delegates for votes or topical categories. The Technoanarchist candidate is running on a platform of converting the executive and legislative processes to completely transparent digital ones — to be the last President of the United States.
  • Gaianism: Actual scientists subvert and subsume the power structure of the Scientologist Church making it empirical, transparent, and donation-based. Much of the doctrine is replaced with Gaianism, which deifies life as Goddess. Part of the power structure of the Church is anonymous and conducted via pseudonyms. I've been imagining aspects of the induction process and theology:
    1. Basic Amenities: Instead of providing guaranteed income, the goal is to make food and shelter available as pay-what-you-can. There are funding pools to make up what people can't pay. An applicant makes tithes to these via bitcoin and sends a signed claim to the Church.
    2. Coordinated Networking: Algorithms organize meetings of people, experiences, and substances. They review each other and progress through some sort of power structure.
    3. Automated Deprogramming: Eventually an applicant is invited to an extended event. I'm imagining a trip on a large boat.
    4. Progressive Stabalization: Members of the church act as sensors and actuators for an AI tasked with reducing incidences of unwanted violence. The system plans where to place infrastructure and populations to maximize stability.
    5. A Day w/o Hunger: A personal description interface is widely available and the bulk of the food supply is interoperable. The stabalization AI is getting progressively closer to a day when there is no self-reported unwanted hunger.