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Technoanarchism is a one-issue political party: labor reduction. A Technoanarchist is simply someone who wants less work in their lives.

The labor required to survive has changed drastically since 1938 when the 40-hour work week as set.

In particular, the tools available for managing logistics are wildly different.

The only reason we still work 40 hours a week is we have no simple way to change that number.

Complex interactions of supply and demand have to shift in order for labor changes in one are to not upset the system as a whole.

We live in a global economy and what that means at a very practical level is that the rules have to change.

Technoanarchism has three goals at this point:

  1. Software should be free.
  2. The net should be redesigned.
  3. No one should unwillingly starve.

By accomplishing the first two, it may be possible to bring about the third. That is where the Department of Happiness and Technoanarchist Revolution come into play. If you want to help change the world, check out those projects.