Department of Happiness contracts are frequently "open." An open contract is deliberated via a wiki page where both parties are able to make modifications.

Draftee Edit

Contracts are created by a drafting agent ("draftee" hereafter).

Invitees Edit

The draftee may make the contract available to one or more invited agents (hereafter "invitees").

Sections Edit

Open contracts are divided into sections with specific meanings.

Section: "Invitee"/"Invitees" Edit

Invitations may be either inclusive or exclusive. Exclusive contracts are only available to parties listed in the "Invitee" or "Invitees" section of the contract.

Open Hire Edit

Contracts which do not include a Scope section are exclusive. Contracts which specify an inclusive scope may be referred to as "open hire" and are available to any contractor in good standing.

Section: "Signature"/"Signatures" Edit

Open contracts are signed when a person adds their signature to the "Signature" followed by ˜˜˜˜.

Contracts may be signed with reservation expressed as comments prior to signing.

Modifications Edit

Whenever a contract is modified, all signatures are considered null and void unless specified by the signer.

Forgery Edit

Any forged information is not legally binging.